Get to Know Your System Even Better

Installed systems continue to evolve, and making decisions around a system that combines hundreds or even thousands of hardware and software components can be complex.

Introducing the Honeywell Inventory Portal- an online portal where you can view your system as it is installed. Generated with data from the System Inventory Tool it provides a complete picture of your installed system, saving you administrative time on documentation and allowing you to make smarter decisions, faster.

With the Honeywell Inventory Portal, you can:

  • Know your system – see a level of granularity you haven’t seen before

  • Improve Your Service Experience – every request starts with knowing your system inventory

  • Make better decisions – plan migrations, upgrades and maintenance with more clarity

Complimentary from Honeywell for current Experion PKS® customers, the System Inventory Tool and Honeywell Inventory Portal are available via with site registration – the same login you use for the Spare Parts Online Store and your Support Community.

How to get started

If you own one or more Experion PKS systems you are already authorized to download the Inventory Tool and upload or email your system’s Inventory file. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Register & Login
    Register here or login. The Inventory Portal is accessible to users who have already registered. Once logged in, select “Support > System Inventory” from menu.
  2. Ru
    Download the System Inventory Tool from the Inventory portal and run it to gather the necessary data from your installed Honeywell system
  3. View 
    Email or upload your inventory file to access your system inventory information and view your network topology.

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