Total Control System manufactures non-ferrous piston and rotary flow meters that have long been considered the most reliable and accurate measuring instrumentation for the Aviation industry.  Serving the Corporate and Private Aviation, Commercial Aviation and Military industries.


  • 682 SPA – Standard Petroleum Aviation
  • 700 SPA – Standard Petroleum Aviation
  • TCS 3000 Electronic Register
  • TCS HUB Delivery Software


With Total Control System HUB you can centrally manage delivery information of multiple locations along with all the trucks from the home office.

Email delivery ticket information to the relevant individuals by account, location, and truck.  Status delivery screen will provide up-to-date information for each delivery truck, meter totals reading, and communication status. A quick map link is available to quickly locate vehicles equipped with GPS.

TCS HUB can be configured to match your business’s needs:

  • Choose how frequently to pull information from the truck.
  • Configure each truck to either a wireless or cellular modem.
  • Identify trucks and communicate with them via TCP/IP.
  • Track multiple Registers/ Meters per truck.

The TCS 3000 is a powerful, electronic register designed to transform the way you deliver fuel.

It has been engineered to control most vehicle delivery operations.

The TCS 3000 can improve your cash flow by allowing the driver to make more deliveries in less time with increased accuracy and security.