Introducing LEAP for Operations

LEAP™ for Operations is a program that utilizes the LEAP project methodology to optimize, simplify, and run ongoing operations more efficiently.  LEAP™ for Operations extends LEAP efficiency principles to provide a step change in productivity and throughput.

LEAP™ has evolved to apply edge device integration, cloud-enabled execution, and universal and connected assets to provide a step change in productivity and throughput.   Once the automation project is implemented, the customer can squeeze more out of what they have with LEAP for Operations to avoid major capital expansions.

LEAP for Operations includes a variety of solutions with a flexible deployment strategy. Solutions include automated documentation, collaboration tools, integrated controllers, advanced alarm management, real-time analytics, proactive asset management, and cloud-based execution with built-in cyber security.

The following solutions can be used to bring more value out of operations: Honeywell Trace, Risk Manager, Experion Orion Console, ControlEdge PLC, Experion Profit Controller, advanced alarm management, real-time analytics, and proactive asset management.

Honeywell keeps the system updated, provides management of change, up-to-date security and patches, simplifies troubleshooting and collaboration, and excels at field and control integration.

In addition, customers optimize their processes by operating closer to the limit, optimizing throughput, and increasing asset performance.

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