Marine Level Gauging

CargoBoss Tank Gauging Software

CargoBoss is a cargo and ballast monitoring software that acts as the eyes and ears of seafarers, allowing constant monitoring of all the critical parameters of liquid cargo tanks.​​​​ CargoBoss is a user-friendly software that can be run on any PC running Windows XP. It is designed to monitor real-time data such as ullage, pressure, temperature, volume and mass of any tank carrying liquids. One or more workstations can be used to monitor cargo, ballast or service tanks, using specific mimic displays. Output communication is provided based on the Modbus RTU protocol.


CT801 Electropneumatic Level Transmitters

The CT801 family of electropneumatic transmitters provides level measurement at an extremely low cost of ownership. The transmitters offer proven reliability and have been installed on more than 2,000 vessels worldwide.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The CT801 electropneumatic transmitters are offered as a standalone unit that is corrosion resistant and can be mounted on bridge or in a cabinet called TN3801. The standalone unit is intrinsically safe and is loop powered 4 to 20 mA. The TN3801 cabinet houses up to 24 devices in a very small footprint, is mains powered and communicates to the ship system via two RS422/ RS485 data connections. These level transmitters are designed for level measurement of all types of liquids in all kinds of tanks, including ballast tanks and service tanks.

These transmitters provide accurate measurement, are very durable and are resistant to corrosion. Other advantages include:

  • Low air or neutral gas consumption
  • Compact design
  • Electrical and pneumatic self-protection
  • Easy installation
  • Short time for commissioning
  • Low maintenance
  • Double communication in bus
  • Approved by major classification societies.


EM540 Radar Gauge

Continuous and precise level gauging is necessary to ensure secure and safe marine operations, particularly during loading and discharging. Honeywell’s EM540 radar gauge integrates temperature, pressure and ballast data in a compliant, robust and compact system.

The 8-inch EM540 radar gauge is particularly suited to sophisticated tanker applications such as chemicals and bitumen, and inland river vessels.  It can be installed either on a still pipe or free space, depending on the radar type. It is equipped with up to six analog inputs that monitor temperature, inert gas pressure and nearby tank gauges.

The EM540 is associated with two Intrisincally Safe racks: the TA3840C dedicated to communication and the TA3840S for power supply. The control system calculates volume, compensates for trim, heel and temperature and displays the information or sends it to the ship’s load computer and ICMS (Integrated Control and Monitoring System).

Optilevel Capacitive Transmitter 

Optilevel Capacitive Transmitter is a cost-effective, all-in-one level gauge that uses a single sensor to provide three measurements – level, temperature and water interface. Optilevel provides a solution without any moving parts. It measures the level, the temperature and water interface of small tanks. With a maximum length of 6 meter, Optilevel is used on barges and river tankers but can also monitor fuel and oil level on service tanks on all types of ships. It carries marine approval and is resistant to corrosion.

PL3700 Pressure Transmitters 

The PL3700 family of pressure transmitters includes submersible, flange-mounted, and manifold sensors that measure level in tanks (service tanks, ballast tanks, slop and water) and the pressure on cargo lines. In addition, it also includes an atmospheric pressure sensor for level calculations. All transmitters feature a ceramic, capacitive sensor that ensures best-in-class reliability and corrosion resistance. ​​​​


T901 Temperature & Pressure Transmitters

The purpose of the T901 temperature and pressure sensor is to measure the liquid temperature in the cargo tank at three different levels – top, middle and bottom of the tank. These measurements are made using temperature sensing elements (Pt100 Ω – RTD) which plunge in the tank inside sealed stainless steel pipes. A differential pressure transmitter and its associated electronics measure the inert gas pressure inside the cargo tank.


TA3840 Unit 

The TA3840C Communication Unit is intended for use with monitoring and loading systems. It displays parameters such as cargo and ballast levels, temperature and inert gas pressure. The unit can be installed in a 19-inch rack and includes a supply board, central unit board for data processing, function keyboard, and display unit with LCD screen for measurement and alarm data. The TA3840C provides two slots for one or two analog 4-20 mA input boards (48 channels) or for one or two multifunction I/O boards (8 x 4-20mA, 24 binary out and 16 binary in).

The TA3840S safety unit consists of a 19-inch rack in which the radar power supply boards are inserted. The maximum configuration is four racks (requiring a power supply of 64 radars).


Portable Level Gauging and Sampling

HERMetic Water Sampler 

The problem of invasive species transported in ballast water has long been recognized – and long been left unaddressed, at least on an international scale. Honeywell Tank system is a global leader in gauging and sampling solutions used in hydrocarbons, oil, fine chemicals and water. Our products are installed and used day and night on more than 7000 ships and barges across the globe. We applied our know-how and our quality system to the new challenges brought by the ballast water convention, to bring practical and safe solutions for in-tank ballast water sampling.


HERMetic Accessories for Marine Applications

Honeywell’s HERMetic range of marine accessories includes portable hand dipping, gas sampling and gas pressure measurement instruments for connection on all HERMetic compact valves.

The accessories include:

  • HERMetic DIP 2: A 500-mm long graduated DIP rod, designed for easy penetration of sediments on tank bottom. It is attached to a 30-m long stainless steel tape.
  • HERMetic DIP 2 GT: This is a closed, gas tight version of HERMetic DIP 2.
  • HERMetic OXY: As per IMO requirement for Tanker Safety and Pollution Prevention, oxygen level needs to be determined before starting crude oil washing. The HERMetic OXY samples inert gas (or any other gas) over full tank height while preventing any gas release into the atmosphere.
  • HERMetic Press: Provides reliable reading within the range of 1500-mm vacuum and 2500-mm pressure water column.
  • Adaptors for MMC & Tanktech Valves: Storage tube and adaptors for HERMetic equipment (gauges and samplers) enable connection on existing non-Honeywell valves onboard.


HERMetic Onecal Thermometer for Marine Applications 

Honeywell Tanksystem’s Onecal has been designed with users’ needs in mind. The cable, sensor and electronic display unit components can be changed without special tools or soldering. Recalibration is achieved by a simple ice point check that is easy to carry out without sending the unit to a laboratory, and without the need for a reference thermometer. Only the annual calibration verification, required by national standards, has to be performed against certified traceable reference thermometers. This translates into significant savings in transportation and repair costs, and a high degree of operational readiness.

Accurate temperature measurement is very important for volume calculation. This has been recognized by the international ISO 4268 standard (2000) and the American Petroleum Institute (API) Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards (MPMS) Chapter 7 (2001). Honeywell’s Onecal helps users measure temperature accurately for spot-on volume calculation.

HERMetic Portable Level Gauge for Marine Application 

​HERMetic portable level gauges are an important tool for inventory control, cargo inspection during custody transfer and verification or calibration of automatic gauging systems. The range includes HERMetic UTImeter Gtex electronic liquid level gauge, which is ideal for custody transfer measurement, cargo control measurement, free water detection and verification of fixed gauging systems, and HERMetic UTImeter Rtex, which performs the same measurements under restricted conditions.

  • Adaptors for Foreign ValvesHoneywell provides adaptors and storage tubes for HERMetic gauges and samplers for connection on already installed non-Honeywell valves onboard.
  • HERMetic UTImeter Gtex for Closed Operation: Honeywell’s HERMetic UTImeter Gtex is a portable gas tight liquid level gauge designed for closed gauging of hydrocarbons and chemicals.
  • HERMetic UTImeter Rtex for Restricted Operation: Honeywell’s HERMetic UTImeter Rtex is a portable electronic liquid level gauge designed for gauging of petroleum products under restricted conditions. It is used for custody transfer, cargo control measurement and free water detection on marine vessels.

HERMetic Portable Samplers for Marine Application

HERMetic Sampler GT4 is a 4-inch portable large volume sampler with a sampling capacity of approximately 1.8 liter. It is ideal for gas tight sampling of liquids that present a fire, health or air pollution hazard and for applications where a large sample volume is required in a single operation.


HERMetic Valves for Marine Application 

HERMetic valves are specially designed to support all portable HERMetic equipment with quick connectors and represent the base for the zero-ullage reference, when installed at the appropriate height. They ensure safe and reliable operation of all portable HERMetic gauging and sampling units and are certified for use in classified areas. The valves are available in three different sizes – 1-inch, 2-inch and 4-inch.




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