Additive Injection Systems

​Honeywell Enraf’s additive injection systems ensure safe and accurate dosing of additives to fuels and assure the terminal operator that high quality and safety standards are being met.

Additive Pump Skids




​Honeywell Enraf’s pump skids are for dye and additive injection applications. Used as pressuring systems, they are modular in design and offer a choice of configurations as per user requirements.

Additive pump skids are fabricated from galvanized steel and supplied complete with pump and motor assemblies of various sizes. Standard configuration includes inlet ball valve, line y-strainer, pressure relief valve with internal thermal relief, pressure gauge and outlet isolation ball valve, motor control center with heaters, HOA and On/Off switches.

Available accessories include low pressure pump switch, alternating pump sequencer, basket strainers, pump outlet check valve assembly, handheld controller (for sequencer) and other customer designated components.

Working as pressuring systems, the additive pump skids are designed based on dye and additive injection application requirements to ensure optimum operation of customer’s additive injection system at the load rack.


Fusion4 MiniPak

Fusion4​​ MiniPak is designed for load rack and pipeline additive applications where accuracy, audit trail, customer and regulatory compliance requirements are mission critical. ​It is the most technologically advanced single stream additive injection system available in the market, helping customers “Zero in on Accuracy”.​​​​​​​​​​​​

The Fusion4 MiniPak additive injection system utilizes the industry standard, MonoBlock metering and control manifold, designed exclusively to accurately manage chemical injection. The heart of the system is Honeywell Enraf’s state-of-the-art Fusion4 Single Stream Controller (SSC-A) and proprietary software algorithms (e.g. Transaction Make-Up) resulting from decades of additive injection control experience.

Common applications include:

  • Performance enhancing additives
  • Detergent additives
  • Dyes & Markers
  • Lubricity enhancers
  • Cold Flow enhancers
  • Anti-foaming agents
  • Anti Icing additive
  • NoX reduction additives
  • Anti Static additives
  • Lead replacement

It is the successor to the widely used MiniPak 3000 and BlendPak 3000+ additive injection systems.


Fusion4 MultiPak

Fusion4 MultiPak by Honeywell Enraf is the most advanced additive controller in the market. It features the greatest I/O density available to offer exceptional functionality and unrivaled stream control. Users benefit from enhanced information, precision and integration capabilities in their multiple stream additive injection applications.

Fusion4 MultiPak combines the industry-standard MonoBlock additive metering and control manifold with the Fusion4 MSC-A (Multi Stream Controller – Additive). The system is designed exclusively to manage chemical injection, and continuously monitors the additive volumes across up to 12 streams, ensuring the additive ratio is correct at every point in each transaction.

Fusion4 MultiPak is the perfect solution for a number of chemical dosing applications, including road loading additives, rail loading additives and aviation refueling operations. Users can choose between ‘Station’ and ‘Modular’ formats:

  • Station comprises pre-integrated additive injector panels with the Fusion4 MSC-A, on a free-standing frame, providing rapid installation and commissioning.

  • Modular arrangement provides the additive injector panels and the MSC-A individually for flexible field installation.



MeQ-Pak is the ideal choice for many additive injection applications, given its simple installation and low maintenance requirement.

The MeQ-Pak utilizes its self-powered turbine to provide energy to drive the injection system. It is available in five sizes from 2-10 inches and is suitable for flow rates up to 960 m3/hr. It can provide injection ratios of 0.25 PPM to 2500 PPM and can handle up to four different additives at the same time. Injection ratios are fully client configurable via vernier displacement controls on each pump head, allowing for increases or decreases of injection rates within each unit’s specified range.

The MeQ-Pak Turbine Driven Injector provides the injection controller, the pump system and the interface to the pipeline, all in one single package. It is a simple mechanical device that mounts right in the product piping. The self-powered turbine operates purely by the power generated by the flow of the main product through the pipeline, rotating the turbine and producing the energy to drive the injection system. As the main product
flow varies, the proportional change in speed of the turbine, ensures that the rate of injection is adjusted accordingly.



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