Total Control System offers ABS-approved piston & rotary positive displacement meters for a wide variety of applications including off-shore oil rig, shipping vessels, dock fueling dispensers and cabinets, workboat main engines and boiler feeds, power generation, and helicopter fueling. We also offer a full line of accessories including air eliminators, strainers, control valves, and pulse transmitters to meet customer requirements. TCS meters are found both on and off shore around the globe serving the marine industry.

Precision Level Measurement Systems from Honeywell

Honeywell specializes in precision level measurement systems for marine applications and provides the HERMetic series, including world-class portable tank gauges for static verification of the tank content and liquid temperature. The portable equipment can also be used for calibration and verification of automatic tank gauging systems. HERMetic portable gauging and sampling equipment is an important tool for inventory control and cargo inspection during custody transfer. Honeywell offers full tank gauging solutions for cargo, ballast and service tanks, including monitoring of temperature and inert gas for all types of tankers, security management solutions integrating access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection, and network protection and control systems.





  • Automated Level GaugingHoneywell’s range of Automated Level Gauging products ensure continuous and precise level gauging for safer and more secure marine operations, particularly during loading and discharging.
  • Portable Level Gauging And SamplingHoneywell’s Tanksystem is the world’s leading supplier of portable level gauging and sampling equipment for marine applications. Its equipment is intrinsically safe and manufactured for use in classified hazardous environments (Zone 0) onboard vessels
  • Safety And SecurityHoneywell’s safety and security range for marine applications includes products for gas detection, overfill detection, a CCTV solution, fire detection, liquid level, radar video surveillance and water ingress detection.
  • Ship AutomationHoneywell’s CAMS is a simple control, alarm and monitoring system for all types of ships. It is based on the organization’s over 40 years of experience in marine automation and draws on its status as a pioneering automation systems manufacturer.

Portable Level Gauging and Sampling

Honeywell’s Tanksystem is the world’s leading supplier of portable level gauging and sampling equipment for marine applications. The portfolio includes HERMetic portable level gauging equipment for inventory control, cargo inspection during custody transfer and verification or calibration of automatic gauging systems; HERMetic portable sampling equipment designed to sample liquids from tanks under closed or restricted conditions; and HERMetic Onecal intrinsically safe portable digital thermometer for use in hazardous environments.

Safety and Security

Honeywell’s Overfill Protection and Flooding Detection solution utilizes the CARLA system and Lidec electronic liquid level switches. CARLA is a fully autonomous system that meets the standards for protection against accidental cargo tank overflow, while Lidec switches are specially designed for maritime applications and offer an exclusive solution for detecting the level of liquids.


GassóFlex High Temperature

Gassoflex High Temperature is a hose designed with a combination of layers of PP, Polyamide, PTFE and Fiberglass to withstand high temperatures up to 240 ° C without losing its flexibility and robustness characteristics.

Due to its internal and external spirals in 316L stainless steel it can be used in the most extreme and corrosive external conditions. Its light weight makes it an alternative to heavy rubber hoses for applications Such as Bitumen, hot air, thermal oil, etc. for Loading / unloading of trucks, wagons, Even marine applications.

Gassó Cryogenic Hoses

Gassó Cryogenic Hoses white is designed specifically for use with fully Liquified Natural Gas down to -196 º C on ships,barges and in marine terminals. This application is including the following media: Ammonia, Acetaldehyde, Butadiene, Butane, Propane, Butylene, Dimethylamine, Ethylamine, Ethyl Chloride, Methyl Acetylene, Methyl Bromide Propane, Propadiene, Propylene, Vinyl Chloride, Refrigerant Gases


Control, Alarm and Monitoring System (CAMS)

CAMS is built on proven, reliable hardware and software platforms.

Hardware: MasterLogic is Honeywell’s line of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). Modular in size, the PLC is optimized for high-speed logic applications. It features redundancy and superior integration with Experion®. MasterLogic can be used as either a standalone device or a distributed system with peer-to-peer connections. Its CPUs, power supplies and rack sizes are available in various models to suit specific applications.

Software: Honeywell offers a marine industry-specific version of its Experion HS automation system that has helped thousands of users worldwide improve productivity and profitability. The process control system uses proven and robust technology to meet the demands of specific industry segments and can efficiently fulfill the requirements of different types of vessels.

Valve Remote Control System (VRCS)

If the gauging system is the eyes and ears of the ship, the VRCS could be equated to its nerves and hands. The valve remote control system is used to fill and empty tanks, including cargo tanks, ballast tanks and all service tanks found aboard a ship. Honeywell offers a sturdy VRCS in partnership with Singapore-based Nordic Flow Control that adapts to its working conditions such as temperature and pressure, is safe from corrosion, and is easy to operate and maintain. The control console, with or without control software, is solid and reliable, and provides a highly intuitive interface to help avoid human errors.