Quality Control

Stable production, compliance to quality control specifications and elimination of waste are absolutely essential to achieve profitable papermaking. Aimed at all tissue manufacturers, Quality Control System (QCS) provides superior visibility into the papermaking process, while simplifying operational efforts and reducing maintenance and service costs.​


ITCS offers a range of products to address virtually every online measurement need. These include Measurements, Machine Direction (MD) controls, Cross Direction (CD) controls and CD Actuators.

Measurements provide information throughout the papermaking process – from the wire to the reel – to deliver outstanding papermaking process visibility and controllability. Combining this superior visibility with new machine direction, multivariable control functionality offers new levels of performance to enhance papermaking production and speed grade changes.

Our comprehensive suite of high-precision, reliable cross-direction (CD) actuators, coupled with multivariable CD control algorithm packages, close the control loop for improved papermaking process stability and reduced raw material usage.​


​ITCS offers a range of services from spot type to full business and process development partnership.  Benefits include:

  • Collaboration to ensure the user’s  automation and manufacturing systems run optimally

  • Achieving optimum plant performance through a broad range of services and programs that help change, maintain, optimize and sustain business assets

  • A natural extension of the user’s team that  is available to respond quickly and effectively to any situation

  • Minimizing total cost of ownership through flexible and comprehensive offerings and solutions.