Industrial Controls

All of Maxon combustion systems and equipment are designed and engineered with customer’s needs in mind. As the first industrial burner manufacturer to receive ISO 9001 certification, Maxon produces nothing but high quality products, which are held to the highest standards in the industry. Please look through our site to find the right product for your application.



  • Sensors and Switches
  • Limits, Pressure Controls and Accessories
  • Valves and Actuators
  • Maxon Industrial Combustion Callidus Industrial Combustion
  • Honeywell Industrial Flame Monitor
  • Burner Controls
  • Distributed Control (DCS) System
  • Gas Detection


Diaphragm Gas Valves

Gas pressure regulators

Firing Rate

Fluid Actuator

Industrial Gas Valves






Pre Mix Gas Fuel Systems

Safety Shutoff Valves



Advanced Burner Controls






Electromechanical Parts and Accessories

Electromechanical Purge Timers

Electromechanical Relay Modules

Electromechanical Subbases and Adapters

Flame Amplifiers – Commercial







7800 Series Display Module

7800 Series Programmers Parts and Accessories

7800 Series Purge Timers

7800 Series Relay Modules

7800 Series Subbases and Adapters







Industrial Flame Monitoring

Honeywell Industrial Flame Monitoring (IFM) offers reliable, durable and flexible solutions for the most challenging applications and toughest environments. Engineered for the unique demands of industrial processes, Honeywell IFM products are designed for the highest level of function and flame discrimination. Remote configuration, monitoring and diagnostics, as well as multiple sensor options, make Honeywell the ideal solution for a wide array of industrial processes and applications.

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