Megopark Thermocouples

Megopak Thermocouples combine years of research and field experience into a simple, yet rugged design that is ideal for measuring temperatures over a large range in harsh industrial environments. Typical applications include furnaces and ovens, cement kilns, ceramic kilns, chemical plants and glass plants.​​

Megopak Thermocouples are a simple, reliable and low-cost solution for measurement in high temperature applications. A wide range of models and accessories make them a good fit for high temperature application in most industrial processes.

The solution comprises thermocouple wires with Magnesium Oxide (MgO) insulation in a protective sheath packaged into a compact mass of small diameter, and is available in three forms:

  • Bulk Material:  the basic combination of wires, insulation and protecting sheath
  • Elements: the basic combination with the wires welded to form a measuring junction
  • Assemblies:  complete thermocouples consisting of elements and  terminations (heads, plugs, jacks) with mounting attachments.

Known for their performance and reliability in high temperature applications, these thermocouples come in popular calibration types, with different insulation options and in a wide range of terminal connections and sizes.

The simplistic design of Megopak Thermocouples enables easy handling and installation in high temperature applications and allows them to be specified to suit the needs of a wide array of industrial applications. They can be used to measure temperatures ranging from -200° to 1093° C (-300° to 2000° F), and respond rapidly to temperature change.

Thermocouples are typically installed directly into the process that can be corrosive, especially at high temperatures. Protecting tubes or wells are also available for a wide range of applications. To ensure minimum maintenance, the Megopak thermocouples have absolutely no moving parts.

As a result of the materials used, the Megopak Thermocouples have a fast response time to temperature change. The rugged design enables easy and quick installation. With no moving parts, these thermocouples further help reduce maintenance and operating costs.



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